Foo Fighters’ Pat Smear: born Georg Ruthenberg

January 19th, 2012 by tarakucha

Oleh kerana saya akan akhirnya menyaksikan Foo Fighters beraksi secara langsung di depan mata (walau mungkin akan tenggelam dek lautan manusia), saya rasa terbaik jika saya teruskan melukis semua ahli kumpulan muzik kesukaan saya dari zaman muda-mudi lagi ini. Sebenarnya saya sangat EXCITED tetapi sedang choba CONTAIN my EXCITEMENT ini. Ya. Sabarrrr…bawak bertenanggggg…Gagagagaga..

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Happy 2012!

January 11th, 2012 by tarakucha

Well, I know it’s pretty late to wish Happy New Year 2012 to everyone..but honestly, who is this “everyone” am I referring to here? Only spambots checkout my blog. :P Anyway, yes..It’s a new year, it’s a little bit of a slow start for me. I’m currently, not really, “working” so to speak.

So I’ve been spending most of my time catching up with my reading..Comics, of course..especially. And you know what? Comics are really GOOD right now. I mean, really, REALLY GOOD. I had a marathon read of Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man run from Big Time all the way to the epic Spider-Island. CRAZY FUN. Finally found a copy of Same Difference by Derek Kirk Kim, one of the earliest online web comics I ever read back in the day. Really changed and made me respect the indie scene. Got the super thick Habibi. Interesting read, that one. The new Ultimate Spidey – I’m sad that version of Peter Parker had to die, but Miles Morales FTW! And finally, Daredevil. What can I say, everyone’s been saying how good it is and how refreshing and different and upbeat it is compared to how it was before this..I just had to check it out. Blew me away.

To think I was ready to quit comics. Ha. No..Everything’s so very inspiring. I’ve even got a few ideas percolating in my head to pen some of my own. This is the year I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna go all out and get back in the comics-making business. Last year was weird. I won an award for my (SAGA) comic, but I actually didn’t draw one the whole year.

And now that I know no one reads my blog, I’m gonna ramble on and on a lot like this again. :D

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