Tun Aafiyah Humaira: Smile!

January 28th, 2011 by tarakucha

My friend TANGH! has set-up his own business and his first product is going to be baby caricature tees.  He asked me to try and make one so here’s my first try at drawing my daughter. I hope I got her cheeks right. mrgreen

I’m gonna get back to this and try some colours later on.

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ABCDraw: R untuk Robot (Akhirnya!).

January 27th, 2011 by tarakucha

Atau R untuk R2D2. R juga untuk Rehat-Yang-Terlalu-Lama. Maaflah, dah 2011 pun tak habis-habis lagi siri ABCDraw ni.

Asalnya mau buat ‘Rempit’ atas cadangan isteri, tapi otak saya meletup memikirkan nak lukis kapcai + mat rempit yang posing bentuk huruf R. Mungkin satu hari nanti cuba juga buat, adegan dia kemalangan patah-riuk la yang paling boleh jadi pose tu kot.

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Short Whiplash VS Iron Man.

January 23rd, 2011 by tarakucha

Last year, when this guy up here battled that guy down there..

You’d think it’d be an epic time at the movies, right? But, no….

Oh wells. But if Iron Man was really fighting a midget version of Whiplash, now THAT’S a “short” fight I wouldn’t mind watching. mrgreen

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2011’s First Fail

January 12th, 2011 by tarakucha

I actually didn’t know what to call this post, so there. It’s not that epic of a fail, but this is just my failed attempt at getting a pretty sweet comic gig..My fault really, I submitted these designs a bit later than I was supposed to.. so someone else beat me to it. Bukan rezeki aku..It’s cool, though. I actually enjoyed getting to draw and visualizing these characters and finishing them up in full colour..although I have another drawing thingy going on right now, it’s not really playing to my strengths and style so yeah..Oh wells. Moving on.

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The year has gone, it’s my wife’s birthday, and I didn’t update for a whole month and it’s all Facebook’s fault!

January 3rd, 2011 by tarakucha

Well, not really..but you know..it’s easier to just make a status update than updating a blog..If I had a Twitter, I’d say it was Twitter’s fault.

May 2011 be even better, InsyaAllah. And happy birthday to my lovely baby mama, my Puteri Pemasak, the Ever-Hottie! Muah! Let’s make this year one full of surprises! It’s the last of our 20s! *GASP* 8-O

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