ABCDraw: M untuk Menyerang.

April 29th, 2010 by tarakucha

Or M for Mindy Macready. I am a big fan of this small girl. :D

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Hot Wheels 1989 Movie Batwing

April 28th, 2010 by tarakucha

Sudah lama beli, baru nak bergambar. Klasik.

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ABCDraw: L untuk Lemau.

April 23rd, 2010 by tarakucha

Sorry for the lack of updates in the ABCDraw series..this one is sort of an expression of how I feel right now also. So lemau..

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IRONMAN 2: The movie is coming, and I’m going toy-crazy.

April 15th, 2010 by tarakucha

My wife recently got me this Mighty Muggs War Machine. It goes great with my old IronMan Mugg.

And then I found this wicked cool Mark I toy. It’s small but very detailed. And the paint job is perfect.

He may look huge here, but he’s actually standing on a pile of A4 papers in my printer’s feed.

If only the other armors are as detailed and painted like this. Honestly, the Mark II is kinda fugly.

And I’m still waiting for the 6 inch War Machine and Ironman series. Aaaaa pokai la camni.

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Saga (and COMiX21) Officially Launched.

April 1st, 2010 by tarakucha

Alhamdulillah..The planned launch on Sunday (28/03/2010) went by relatively smooth. The reason for the late update, I because I’ve been recovering from the event and deadlines at the office weren’t helping. Here are some snapshots of the event, courtesy of my wife and also whoever it was Mr. Zamzami passed his camera to.

The stage is set for the unveiling..

The buntings are “gempaq giler”..

This was the only shot I managed to take with my Saga bunting. Abang Ujang hanya mampu gelak melihat aksi tak cute ini.

After a small speech by Brother Ujang, the thingamajig was unveiled..he and Karangkraf’s boss lady Puan Firdaus put down their John Hancocks. After that, we did too.

Group shot.

Abang Ujang memang sempoi.

Receiving his complimentary copies of all three COMiX21 titles. Tapi Saga kat depan sekali wihu~~! :D

Mr. 39 and Mr. Roy of team Saga also made an appearance to support the launch.

Third from left, Mr. Ajwad Ajinda. Thanks for the support dude!

And last, but never the family. Thanks for coming and staying for the whole day sayangs..Fiya was such a good girl. *MMMuah* :)

After the launch, there was also a slot for our panel of COMiX21 talents to promote our books at the PEKOMIKON room. Thanks to Mr. Azhar for the opportunity. Head on down to Mr. Odows’ site right HERE for more PEKOMIKON pix. For more of the launch HERE and HERE.

Oh! And a fellow pergh forum member, Mr. Waverider (bukan nama sebenar) was kind enough to write a review about our comics over at his blog. Thanks man!

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