It is a bit morbid.

June 25th, 2008 by tarakucha

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Kuch Smash~!

June 20th, 2008 by tarakucha

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6 Months (++) Married Already!

June 17th, 2008 by tarakucha

My better half and I celebrated our 6 months anniversary two weeks back..We had a few things planned, but in the end some tayarsome things happened that afternoon, and we made an on the spot Plan B of a celebration instead.

Plan A was to have dinner at the Lookout Point Restaurant in Ampang. We’ve heard about the place and its breathtaking view of KL a few times but I guess takde rezeki to go there this time.

So instead Plan B had us going here:

Located in the middle of nowhere (in Kg. Sg. Penchala, belakang MOFAZ), it’s a Bali-themed restaurant. Kinda romantic, and that was what we were going for.

The place was impressive, with a live band, nice lighting and landscaping, tapi ramai gila we ended up getting seats a wee bit away from the nice lights and music. And after some trouble between the waiter, the lighter and the candle, ta-da! We got us a candlelight dinner!

The menu is bit tricky though. We ordered the ‘oriental french dippers’ for starters. And it turned out to be just french fries. With tartar sauce. D’oh! Shoulda seen that coming.

(Man, I suck at restaurant reviews) Anyway, we both were feeling like having western food, so i ended up having the sirloin steak, and my wife had the lamb. Drinks were some kinda fruity mixture with sprite/7-up and lemon. Mine: Strawberry, hers: (not-so) Blueberry.

The food was OK la.. the steak was thick, though not as juicy as i would’ve liked ‘em.. As my wife says, if the place don’t ask you how you want your steak done, then it wont be that good in the first place. But for its price range (under RM30 a plate), it was OK. I can’t remember how much the drinks cost though..definitely under RM10..between RM5 – RM8.

Nice presentation though, eh?

Damn, we look tired.

And still we went bowling afterwards at Summit.

And that big grinned lady wife of mine beat me at it. Curses!

All in all, it was a good day..despite the afternoon’s incident. So yay!

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Belilah Komikoo #3!

June 4th, 2008 by tarakucha

Kerana di dalam Komikoo #3 ada banyak komik yang best, dan terselit antara yang best-best tu, komik pertama aku yang dipublish..Haha, bukan lagi setakat komik syok sendiri atau menang competition dan belum dapat publisher, tapi komik yang sudah dipublish.. terima kasih komikoo atas peluang yang dibagi. Ditulis oleh Ben Anwar, komik hitam putih 5 mukasurat ini bertajuk Kultus Kucing Hitam.

Previu Mukasurat 3 Kultus Kucing Hitam

..Tapi ada sedikit kureng la pada aku..sebab ada salah faham sikit dengan Graphic Dept Komikoo..diorang telah mengganti semua belon dialog yang aku dah buat dengan versi belon diorang sendiri (yang pada aku yang cerewet ni: tak best..seperti juga cover isu ni.).. Tapi tu lah, nak buat macam mana..lepas ni kalau ada lagi komik aku hantar dengan diorang harap tak berlaku lagi la.

Komik-komik lain dalam isu ni yang serba sempoi dan best adalah dari Popiaman, Kamal Masrun, Celestial, Kromosom, Adijin, Baba Chuah dan banyak lagi. Apa lagi, pergi beli lah!

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