More illos, and Lipton’s tea for thought gets a hot FM link.

May 29th, 2007 by tarakucha

D lipton microsite’s getting a lotta hits n ppl submitting quotes n now ada pulak contest by hotfm, n d link is newly added today. Masuk la..mana tau bleh menang..

These are character designs for my 2nd job here in Branded 3. It’s for MSN/Tourism M’sia ‘07…I’m not sure which design they went with in d end..blom finalize lg kot..we’ll classify it as W.I.P la.. (Work In Progress). There was another option made, a cuter less menggoda design..but personally i didn’t like that one.

And this is a very metro-looking guy designed as a “homeloan guru”. I have no idea what that means. The tangan i made one mc aje, n then copy n flip tu yg shadow sama aje tanpa mempedulikan source of light. malas. go figure. Also a W.I.P. Utk CIMB.

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Ohoy me mateys! Lama GILA tak update!

May 25th, 2007 by tarakucha

It’s been awhile, dan sorry amat kerna tak update.
A few new works to share with you nice people..

Oh yeah, I have since started working with Branded 3, at Damansara Intan…dah 2 bulan. This is my first microsite work for them, and the client is Lipton. Baru aje launch officially semalam. Pretty cool and quite a bit of freedom to work on d look and feel of it. Click la click la..

This is an illo i finished up semalam.. dorothy & her konco-konco.

This one up here pulak is for an upcoming print ad in ADOI magazine. It’s for a company called Yellow Brick Road.
It was a one day drawing job. My boss Ryan ckp client nak lukisan ala-ala tintin. They wanted me to try around a few styles jugak, tp after they saw this, they immediately liked it, just a few minor changes here n there. Nanti bila dah print in next month’s ADOI ish, i upload d full ad pic.
So there you have it. TWO NEW WORKS! WOW! and an UPDATE! haha~! i mau choba update lebih often la lepas ni.. tapi still got saga in d works n its due! n now i gtg pack to go kelantan for my brother’s wedding! babai!

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