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August 16th, 2009 by tarakucha

This work was long overdue..even the hosting + domain name lapsed for about a month. Well, when family’s your client, that’s what you get. Haha! Kidding only big brother in-law (..mostly)! ;) He likes black, white and red and wanted a simple site so that’s the theme we were going for.

The navigation menu is slightly different than what was first conceived, but I like how it turned out. Sometimes it’s cool to try the slick Apple look. Just don’t over do it. Subtlety is key. Chewah!

I haven’t done a lot of webdesign freelance work, mainly because it is essentially what I do at the office..Just wanna mix it up a lil bit, you know? Illustration, flash animation or photography..But maybe i should do more simple webgalleries like this, if people are interested (With the right price, of course..heheh..takkan semua nak diskaun abang ipar kot? Masak laaa…).

Go on and visit the site. Some purdy nice pics of purdy hot women and cars are there..some of my favourites are the drifting and racing pics in the ‘AUTO’ section.


*…hmm…maybe I should start redesigning and updating MY OWN website..asyik blog je..ta..pi..ma..lass…huhuhu..ah. Tido la.

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Abang Iparku Bintang Siri Realiti!

December 23rd, 2008 by tarakucha

He pilots aeroplanes. He drifts cars. He shoots photography. And now, he’s a reality series star. OMG. :D

“Double Exposure”. Point. Click. Snap. Be Famous.

It’s Sony’s show for aspiring/amateur photographers and to promote their line of DSLR cameras: The α series.

A few episodes are online already, and I hear it’s going to be on tv early next year. “All 30 contestants will be racing against each other to win the final grand prize that also includes a cover shoot for a magazine,” explained Mr. George Wong, Product Manager for Sony α.

He is a very good photographer, and for his sheer guts to appear in front of the camera for a change, I salute him. So you, you and you! Vote for him! FIVE STARS!

Oh, and while you’re at it, go visit his blog. A lotta nice pictures there. Yes, he took ‘em. Dammit.

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Friends Link of The Day: Rumi

August 17th, 2008 by tarakucha

A good friend of mine, Azmir, is the bassist of this quite awesome band, Rumi. Their music is sorta jazzy and a little bit puitis. Their songs agak layan jugak, I especially like 11 10 07. Do check them out at:




Selamat mendengar!

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