iOS Game Illustrations: Super Tiny Flight.

April 9th, 2012 by tarakucha

More work updates. This was also done earlier this year. I had a lot of fun drawing up that tiny plane. It’s based on those flight simulator games. Click the picture to go to the iTunes App Store to check it out. :)

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Instructional Illustrations for SNUGGbaby

March 30th, 2012 by tarakucha

Earlier this year I was commissioned to do this interesting project. I got the job through my wife, how cool is that. :)

SNUGGbaby is a Malaysian, one-woman, hand-made business of making quality babywearing carriers.

I can’t wait to see these get printed. :D

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My Saladin Works

March 30th, 2012 by tarakucha

I’ve NEVER uploaded my Saladin works. I think it’s high time that I should. So here, these are a few of my works for the marketing dept of  Saladin – The Animated Series.

The current version of the website is fully done in Flash. I did the portion with the flip book layout.

In addition to working together with Aizil, the head of my dept on the website, I also worked on A LOT of the posters and print ads with my good friend, CGI artist Cheah Yew Cheung (CYCOMarts). Most of these posters/ads appeared in international trade magazines, so maybe not many have seen them locally. Ironic, because it IS a locally produced animation.

This banner is for the local station airing Saladin, TV3. They are showing the show in Malay, hence the change in language. Catch it on TV3, Saturdays at 7:30pm!

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2011’s First Fail

January 12th, 2011 by tarakucha

I actually didn’t know what to call this post, so there. It’s not that epic of a fail, but this is just my failed attempt at getting a pretty sweet comic gig..My fault really, I submitted these designs a bit later than I was supposed to.. so someone else beat me to it. Bukan rezeki aku..It’s cool, though. I actually enjoyed getting to draw and visualizing these characters and finishing them up in full colour..although I have another drawing thingy going on right now, it’s not really playing to my strengths and style so yeah..Oh wells. Moving on.

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Webdesign: – Lifestyle Photographer

August 16th, 2009 by tarakucha

This work was long overdue..even the hosting + domain name lapsed for about a month. Well, when family’s your client, that’s what you get. Haha! Kidding only big brother in-law (..mostly)! ;) He likes black, white and red and wanted a simple site so that’s the theme we were going for.

The navigation menu is slightly different than what was first conceived, but I like how it turned out. Sometimes it’s cool to try the slick Apple look. Just don’t over do it. Subtlety is key. Chewah!

I haven’t done a lot of webdesign freelance work, mainly because it is essentially what I do at the office..Just wanna mix it up a lil bit, you know? Illustration, flash animation or photography..But maybe i should do more simple webgalleries like this, if people are interested (With the right price, of course..heheh..takkan semua nak diskaun abang ipar kot? Masak laaa…).

Go on and visit the site. Some purdy nice pics of purdy hot women and cars are there..some of my favourites are the drifting and racing pics in the ‘AUTO’ section.


*…hmm…maybe I should start redesigning and updating MY OWN website..asyik blog…huhuhu..ah. Tido la.

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The Haj Process Chart Spotted!

December 17th, 2008 by tarakucha

A friend from my previous office got a copy of this chart and only just realized it was my artwork when reading through this post. And he was kind enough to take a picture of it for me, because I’ve never seen it myself. He said the chart was included with a guidebook of some kind. Thanks, Zabil!

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Old Works Are Us.

November 12th, 2008 by tarakucha

Some flash design + illustration jobs for my previous office.

And this is from a freelance job, some items for a poster depicting the journey of Malaysian Hajj pilgrims.

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